Judi Spencer


Judi Spencer travels internationally as a inspirational speaker, leads rhythm and singing workshops, and performs as a concert marimba artist.

Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Judi studied voice, piano and percussion under the Royal Conservatory of Music.  She continued her music studies in Texas at Baylor University, followed by a Masters Degree in Music Performance and Music Education at Indiana State University.  Additionally, Mrs. Spencer has a RGM Music & Rhythm Certification, Drums Alive, Village Music Circle, and Health Rhythms - all assist with leading singing and multi-modal music specialty classes. 

Most recently, Judi received a Postgraduate Advanced Solo Marimba Diploma from the Royal College of Music in London, UK.  Judi graduated in 2013, after a hiatus from the performance genre having enjoyed raising a family and working in the corporate realm.

Judi has worked with the global Parkinson's (PD) community for over 20 years.  Her father was diagnosed with PD in 1996 and she promised him that she would always stay involved - the best promise she has ever made! Judi is a Warrior in Pink, a Breast Cancer Survivor since 2014. Through the power of music, the beat of the drum, and the inspiration of her personal stories, Judi has found a true passion that she enjoys sharing with others. 

The Marimba

The Marimba speaks all languages. Judi believes that the versatility of the marimba is endless.  It can speak through many genres whether Classical, Christian, Contemporary, Modern, Folk or Family.  It is truly an ageless instrument. 

The Drum

The Drum provides the beat of life.  Beginning with a mother's heartbeat, we each have walked through life connected to our own unique rhythm.  

The Voice

The Voice

The Voice ​speaks & sings for each of us.  It is our very own sounding board - no two voices are exactly alike!