What People Are Saying About Judi

The Voice

As a Speaker:

  • Your presentation at the Washington State Senior Activities Directors Conference was superb.  Thank you so much for your enlightenment of inspiration and song.

  • The Women's Retreat was filled with spirit, song, rhythm of life - and you inspired us to "Just Believe". 

  • Your words of encouragement, your gift of music helps me to get out of bed every morning.  I thank the Lord for you. 

As a Voice and Singing Director/Workshop Leader:

  • I am grateful for your cohabitation with us on our beautiful earth.  I am grateful for how light you carry the load of your dedication to people with Parkinson's.  I had a wonderful experience at the WPC conference. 
  • I am writing to tell you what a thrill it was to sing again and also, and most importantly - to thank you for all that you did to make this happen. 

The Marimba

  • It was a great pleasure to work with you and admire your musicianship and dedication.  Simon Bainbridge, Composer

  • Congratulations on last night - And the marimba piece was marvelous, and must have been so difficult to sing.  A Triumph!  Jenny
  • Thank you again for the wonderful collaboration of being able to teach yoga with the beautiful music you play on the marimba.  I appreciate you more than you know!  Trina
  • Thank you for the beautiful music you played during Easter Brunch at the Banff Springs Hotel....Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent and spirit.  Hilda
  • The music was beautiful and the residents were mesmerized!  Bayview

The Drum

  • The Drum Circle was so much fun and I felt so connected to everyone!  Thank you.  Carli

  • I should do this everyday!  Bob

  • I can pray with the drum, feel the beat of life, and enjoy community.  Thank you for leading us on this amazing journey.  Carol